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RE: Dash Out Sunday Week #4 ( The Food Pic Contest )

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Thanks @rarej and congratulations too, it's always good to add hive, anything goes. Also let's hope jahm has a great price later, I know it can.

The truth is that that mixture of curry, garlic and soy sauce was an invention of that day, it usually adds a touch of sugar sometimes to make the meats browner. It usually looks pretty good.

I've never eaten that soup you present. I've always eaten mushrooms on a pizza or in a sauce with meat, but not in soup.

Thank you @dmilliz for this opportunity, I will soon publish my participation, if time permits


The ReggaeJAHM community is a strong one, so in time the token should grow as well.

Oh nice, it's always good to experiment with ingredients I find. Sometimes you get the best results from that. Even if some people consider it blasphemy or say you're crazy. 😅 I wonder what you will come up with next.

The type of dried mushroom I used is a common ingredient in lots of Asian dishes and as garnish in soups. Definitely something you should give a try.

I always mix things with sugar in my food, especially with meat. Pepper, curry, ginger, among many things I get, wine.
Food has no limits, I know that there are dishes that are already pre-established, however, there are variations that arise from inventions.
So many do not like them, I like the culinary blasphemies ha ha ha

I totally agree with that philosophy 😂 Culinary blasphemies for the win!