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What are we born to do and live for if we're going to die anyway? - ENJOY LIFE

That question was asked to me by someone close to me some time ago and it lingered in my head for a few days, until I forgot. But two days ago when I arrived home, almost in front of where I live, there were many people crowded together with a surprised look on their faces, I did not understand what was happening, regularly there are no such meetings of people in my area, until I heard the crying voice of a woman who said, through a phone call to another person, "my little brother hanged himself "... I will not explain anything else, I think only that phrase is enough to understand what had happened.

Well, that question Why are we born and live if we are going to die anyway?, came back to my mind, although it does not totally fit in my head, because I never have similar thoughts of my own, I said, well, a simple answer to that question would be we are born because we should enjoy life, that simple.


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A few months ago I wrote a publication entitled Live enjoying - enjoy living, you can visit it, in good measure I explain what it means for me to enjoy life, to really live, which is much more than just being alive.


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I know that there are an immense amount of difficult situations nowadays, which I really don't know if they will end soon, I am not a fortune teller, nor would I like to be, to be honest. But in spite of all these complications there are many things we can enjoy, without being millionaires, there are basic and -apparently- simple things in our lives that serve as an incentive to give meaning to what we do?

I believe that there is a great contamination of our minds with that idea that happiness and enjoyment should always be related to wealth, and it should not necessarily be so. Of course, I cannot deny that enjoying a good economic situation could give us other options, however the possibility of living always we have it while we are breathing, and this is something valuable, we must be aware of it.


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Walking through some spaces we can enjoy the natural, without having to pay for it, enjoy the outdoors, nature, green spaces, is something for which we do not need but have the willingness to do so, and really appreciate those capabilities of smelling, seeing, hearing that most enjoy.

Enjoy a good view, you don't necessarily need to make great efforts, contemplate, value.


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You have to VALUE LIFE, celebrate it from the least, this allows us to continue, you have to have hope, this also allows us to continue, and of course, know that every moment is an opportunity to grow, and be able to be tomorrow with more strength and wisdom than today, this is also about living, enjoying giving, helping without expecting anything in return.

Enjoy your favorite music, it has a world language, and it can make you feel better, for this you don't have to have millions in your bank account either.


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There are difficult moments, I am not happy with everything that happens to me, I cannot say that I have a perfect life, but I have a life, and I must live it, I know that everything will be better in the future, I have full confidence in that.

In short:

Find us excuses for not being happy...

The reasons for being so are there in front of you, don't miss the opportunity to really live, don't forget...


I will share some videos, to close this publication with music, this is a good way to cheer us up, no matter the language, the important thing is to enjoy...

Sincerely this video that I present below is great, when talent comes together without thinking, without premeditation, wonderful things arise, so you have to dare to live:


Rawayana - HIGH feat. Apache (Video Oficial)

Japanese reggae roots - JAPON reggae mix


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Con el apoyo de la familia.

Trail de TopFiveFamily

Gracias @topfivefamily por el apoyo.

Gracias por tu apoyo @mayvileros

De nada cariño, saludos.

Hola @josevas217 una hermosa publicación, ciertamente a veces no vemos lo bonito de la vida, es bueno recordar que las cosas simples y sencillas también son importantes.!!

Gracias por esas palabras!! :)

Tenemos muchas cosas sencillas que son las que realmente nos mueven, porque las grandes cosas al final son la suma de todas esas cosas pequeñas, entonces, creo que es importante considerarlas todas...
Gracias por comentar.

Enjoy life, a definitely valuable message. Take from life what allows you to enjoy it.
Thanks for your post

Thank you for commenting @mllg
To enjoy life, that's right.


Good message man! Myself need to enjoy life a little more, cause tomorrow ain’t promised. Sorry to hear about the neighbor, life can be tough but we really need to remember that life is for living, not stressing and counting even our blessing no matter how small. I will Muku tie life more for sure. Nice selection of international reggae. That first one is versatile, their voices sound out of this world. The reggae mix makes me remember that this place where I live is a reggae land. Good vibes bro, I’d send this to get curated but it’s already voted up.

I was struck by the fact that there is a lot of Japanese reggae, but it's great. The diversity is good.
You have to enjoy life, it happens very fast, and as you say @dmilliz, tomorrow is not promised.
The first video is great, I particularly liked it a lot, actually it's a mix of pure talent.
Yes, the post was voted on a few minutes after it was published. Thanks anyway.
Enjoy, really, living is a good thing.

Happiness is within us, and our mission is to find it, that is, to discover that treasure and help others find it. We don't need anyone to be happy. The rest are complements.
In silence and what we call loneliness we can also be happy.
Live intensely and smile at life.
A hug in the distance.

You don't have to look that far out, certainly @mafalda2018
The most important things are invisible to our eyes... as the little prince says.
Loneliness can be very good company.
A hug. Happy weekend.

Exactly! Always keep that positive mindset switch on in your head, and good things will happen.
Good message.
I also enjoyed the fun cartoon placements. :)

Thanks for commenting @rarej
Those images really take time to make. But I like to do it, when I have the time.
Certainly, one must have a positive mentality, to attract all the good things to us.
Good start to the week.

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