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Hello community of ReggaeJahm, here I come with new content, new music for all lovers of the genres Reggae and Dancehall. Finding new songs is not always so easy, but it is something worth doing, because it allows us to meet new artists, new philosophies of life raised through art.



Let's start with a very particular Christmas song, just released on December 18th. By the artist CJ Facey, whom I must confess I did not know, until now.

CJ Facey - Gal Dem Christmas feat. Kadoo Williams


Let's go to the second launch. This one is from December 13th, by the artist Gappy Ranks, who has a distinctly Caribbean origin, but lives in England. His father is Jamaican and his mother Dominican. His style is basically Dancehall. But with a really soft tone...

Gappy Ranks - Gangster Gir


A new Reggae song by the artist Qubilah Sterling, is a pretty soft reggae actually, probably there are those who do not like it, more if we consider that we are in a time when life goes fast, but I see it as a break .

Qubilah Sterling – At Your Best


I didn't get much information from this artist on the internet, it must be relatively new too, as well as her song, which was released on December 18th of this year. Here is the video...

Pretty Pretty – 50 Shades Of Red

For now I say goodbye, I hope you can enjoy these last days of the year, stay safe, share with your family.


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Greetings @josevas217! A nice and fairly smooth single. I see that it is completely new material from "Qubilah Sterling", hopefully they will bring a lot of new songs for 2021. I have enjoyed it, very much in keeping with the date!
Good luck, friend!

Thanks @nachomolina for commenting.
Yes, it is a music that is just released. And it's pretty much up to date.

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Nice selection! I especially like the Christmas one the way how they use “ho ho ho” in the chorus is superb!

Long time since I heard anything from Gappy.

Hi @dmilliz
YES, that chorus is great.
Very original the way they do it.
Thank you friend

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Congratulations @josevas217!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

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