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Recently I started a series of publications in which I have tried to give my vision of what are three rules that rule the Reggaejahm community, I know that when they talk about rules we might become a little reluctant to accept something that is seen as imposed, however instead of calling them that I would rather see them as three basic principles to live better.

Previously I talked about ONE LOVE and KEEP IT IRIE), so this time let's talk about:

Enjoy life



We could say that before this rule/principle we enter a philosophical plane.

Enjoy and life are words that have so many meanings that we could talk or write for hours and never reach a definition that we all agree on.

But what is life really?

Is it the sum of past, present and future? Or is it that when someone thinks of life they only conceive of it if they see it at the beach?

Or is it that for others life is being in a disco with friends? All these are different conceptions, and we could say that they are valid. But the reality is that we cannot live only from memories (the past), much less from the future. Since it is totally uncertain. We only have life in the present, and this is what we should enjoy, the today and the now, from lying down doing nothing, or cooking, sitting in a park or on the beach, enjoying every moment, because this is what we really have, being grateful for life with all its nuances, being able to breathe, having health, even if we do not have great goods, helping others in the measure of our possibilities... *? at least for me that's what it's all about.

And for you... What is life?

How do you enjoy it? Living from the past, worrying about the future and in the present?

It's up to you

Next I leave a video of Xhaliba with his version of Enjoy life, I write his version because like him, everyone has his version and way to enjoy it.

Enjoy Life • Xkaliba

For now I close with this series of publications, waiting for your comments, WAITING FOR YOU TO BE OK, WHERE YOU ARE.
I'll say goodbye until the next issue.

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Enjoying life is living in this moment for real, and finding ways to uplift others as that brings joy to you to them and us. Stay blessed bro!

Thanks for the comment @dmilliz.
That should not be left out, enjoying ourselves means extending that enjoyment around us.