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Within the musical genres that exist there are many that are characteristic of the Caribbean, but in the end they end up being of common origin to Reggae, whose rhythm can be perceived in the background, as a constant of many other styles and musical genres that have originated from it.

There are as many established artists as there are looking to make their way in this competitive music world. In this case the artist Jah Sun.


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In the year 200 his musical career accelerated his recognition after he was nominated "Hip-Hop Single of the Year" at the LA Music Awards . I'm sure you want to know his style, in case you don't already know this artist, who brings us a very important strong social message. To show this, I leave the following video:

Jah Sun - World Is A Ghetto [Official Video 2015]8

Recently, it has made a release of an album, under the production of More Love Productions, with a total of 9 songs.

One of the songs of this new production is Hold a Vibe, which was released on July of this year, I leave the official video below.

Jah Sun - Hold A Vibe [Official Video 2020]

To enjoy this complete album, 44 minutes and 30 seconds distributed in 9 songs, in the following link:




  1. Hold A Vibe
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Wasted Time
  4. Sunshine
  5. Law Of Attraction
  6. Ancient Soul
  7. Suffering In Silence
  8. Law Of Attraction Dub
  9. Tomorrow Dub

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Thank you in advance for your support.

Enjoy music and life, which is short.

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Man I missed this formatting style on the feed. Gonna check this out on the drive, I'll be back, thanks for the Spotify link,😄

Thanks brot, yes, it takes time to edit, but today I managed to dedicate some time, it's something that relaxes me, while I listen to music, read some things, edit, dedicate the necessary time. I will do my best to publish more often.
Thank you @dmilliz

Well I always appreciate your content. You always put your all into it!

Listening now on my journey. It’s a good album Magic and Madness. Very conscious life lessons, blessings bro!


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