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Hello ReggaeJahm community, I hope everyone has a good week...

This publication is a bit reflexive, yes, I am like that, but I do it while listening to music, and thinking. Recently, and this highlights the importance of comments on this platform, in a thread of comments with @dmilliz a question came up that was asked, and it left me quite pensive actually. The question is The question is where to die? in Japan or in Jamaica?. Well, I imagine it was a question of impact, I said to myself, I am also a migrant, and if they asked me that question, but asking me if I want to die in Venezuela or in Colombia?
I would be moved by many things...

I started thinking, other things, about the reality of the Caribbean, Latin America, and part of Central and North America in terms of history, we are countries with a migrant population. Not only because many of us have looked for other options to try to find better social and economic conditions and that is why we are in other latitudes, but because if we review a little bit of history the Caribbean Islands were inhabited by colonizers of different origins, also inhabited by Africans who were forcibly taken from their natural spaces, and without the option of returning.


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Thinking about death can make you love life more, and undoubtedly make you value it more, regardless of where we are, you have to enjoy and know that we are the result of that which we live in that country that saw us born and grow, regardless of language, race, climate, there will always be a root that will allow us to think of our country, as a part of us and we part of it.

Just like any other living being, like the trees, we will fulfill our cycle of life...And death is part of that cycle.

But, let's see, it's a topic that could lend itself to sad or melancholic emotions, however, that's not the intention, not at all, the idea is to think that we are very lucky to be able to have a full life, that we can return to our countries if we want to, although we know that it always implies great changes, but, life is one, and we have to enjoy it, besides, we can have part of our country with us every day for example with food or music, expressions that are universal


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An example of those things we always carry with us, food. Always in one way or another we will look for the possibility of having a piece of our land on our table. For example, in the image on the right you can see the typical dish of Venezuela, we call it Pabellón Criollo. It consists of the following:

  • White rice, can be seasoned with garlic.
  • Larded meat, let's say that is the main thing, the protein.
  • Mature Fried Plactains.
  • Caraotas, which are black beans.

This typical Venezuelan food, there is a theory that says that its origin is due to that to be able to have in a same plate the 3 races that were united. The rice and the plactains represent the white race, the Spanish; the larded meat the native race, and the black grains the African race. But all this seems to be the result of giving it a poetic approach, the reality, and I believe more in that, is that this dish is the result of the union of leftovers from meals ...

This was my participation in #DASHAOUTSUNDAY and I add an image in the initiative #APART

I will leave a video in which, with a song from a Venezuelan band, you can see the beaches I used to frequent, in the state where I lived when I was in Venezuela, which borders the Caribbean Sea to the north, the state of Aragua.

Arenita Playita- CuartoPoder

To remember is to LIVE...

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we can have part of our country with us every day for example with food or music, expressions that are universal

Very good point. We carry our culture and vibe with us. And the cycle of life will take place and all we can do is remember to live. And if we do die abroad we can just be cremated, shipped home and ashes in to the sea of our island ( what a grim picture but we can’t be afraid of life or death )

Check the part where you quoted the question, look should be die?

Hi @dmilliz, yes, I saw the error.
Thanks for noticing it. It is already corrected.
It could be a bleak picture, a little, but it is what it is, it is reality.
Thanks for commenting.

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What a poetic way of looking at your dish. Thanks for sharing @josevas217.

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