Dash Out Sunday Week #5 ( The Food Pic Contest)

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In the community of ReggaeJahm is being held weekly, every Sunday, by @dmilliz, a fun contest in which everyone can participate, this is: Dash Out Sunday Week #5 (The Food Pic Contest ).

It is very easy to be present as a participant in this activity and have the possibility of winning some of the prizes, in addition, you can learn about the cuisine of other countries, and even things that we have no idea that exist or that can be joined. So participate, for more information on how to do it here.

This is my participation:


Image of my autorship

Image captured with my Huawei Y5 phone.

The gastronomy is something that represents each country, in the specific case of the Caribbean region and great part of South America, there are many similarities, surely because the historical origin is also similar.


Image of my autorship

Image captured with my Huawei Y5 phone.

The reality is that I am not used to decorate or serve the dishes so comfortable, but, in this case the intention is that I pose for the photo before being devoured...

What is this dish of food all about?

  • White rice, seasoned with garlic and salt
  • Chicken Mortadella.
  • Fried ripe banana (it is something I like very much). Its sweet touch gives a contrast to what it accompanies.
  • And the protein, in this opportunity "Pork loin", seasoned with a little ginger and oregano.

Both the mortadella and the pork I prepared on the grill. And after the photo session, to eat.
The truth is that I took more time preparing and serving than eating, I think most of us do the same , however, it is something that pleases us all, eating, and when the wait is worth it, even more so.

Have a great week, everyone.


I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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SE ve absolutamente delicioso. Y me imagino que lo cocinaste tú jajaja. Estupenda iniciativa para un concurso, estaré revisando. Un abrazo y mi apoyo por aqui, querido @josevas217

Gracias @marybellrg por el apoyo, si, un concurso,, fácil de participar, y siempre hay buenos comentarios, que es algo importante.
Si, lo cociné yo mismito... je je je
Pero más demoré cocinando que comiendo, sin embargo, valio la pena.
Estas invitadas a participar.

Those slices of pork loin look just the right amount of juicy. You did a good job with the plating and picture angles.

Bought some ripe bananas/plantains too today. As soon as they brown a bit, Imma batter them up and fry them. Always a good food choice!

If they were very good, actually and very juicy. Plantains are a very good food, I like them. The photos, well, I usually take many before selecting. From different angles so I can then select the one I like the most, because after I sit down to eat, there is no turning back ... 🤣

Thank you for comment

I know exactly what you mean, taking pictures, selecting the best one, transferring to pc and then deleting the rest, takes almost as much time as the cooking itself. 🙂

The plantains are really your favorite. The supplier of plantains here in Japan had a tough time recently. The shipment they last made from south America took longer than usual because of the virus and all the plantains came spoiled): So many people were dissapointed.

Nice meaty dish there, hahaha glad the contest got you "posing your cooking" LOL!

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Yeaah @dmilliz
actually I like fried plantains very much. And besides, they are very economical. For one dollar you can buy up to 4-5 plantains, big ones.
Too bad about that plantain exporter, no one could have known that this pandemic would delay delivery, and that he would lose everything, very unfortunate that.

Yes, I take my time to cook, to serve, after the food poses for the photo, it goes down in history LOL