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Hello Community of REGGAEJAHM and all the community of Hive, I hope you are all having an excellent week, taking care of yourself and your family. Surely many of you who read me will enjoy a family evening, sharing with friends, going to an archetype, I am sure that this is a reality, but as human beings that we are, in permanent changes (not only physical but mental and emotional), in more than one opportunity we have also wanted to distance ourselves from everything and everyone, or perhaps not?, I only ask, only I have felt that need of solitude and isolation?... I am sure that we have not.

Many times we have, under certain circumstances, gone to a space like the one below, far from the city:


Image of my authorship / Taken with my Huawei Y5 phone

Could you tell me that a space like the one in the image doesn't transmit tranquility to you? And also, to complement, I add that the climate is cold, little breeze, a not very radiant sun, but the necessary one to warm you up and make contrast with the cold climate, also a smell of fresh grass that allows you to feel even more the nature in you?


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In relation to the main image of the post, I use it as a motive to create this post within the APART initiative and relate it to a song. In this case I share a song by the artist Lila Iké (pronounced Lee-lah Eye-kay).

It is a very particular artistic name, whose meaning is expressed by herself as follows:

"It is full of meanings that refer to childhood and ancestry. "Lila is a nickname I was given as a child. It looks like a pet name, but it is a derivation of my Christian name, Alecia. Ya Iké is short for Ikechukwu , an Igbo word, spoken in Nigeria, and that means 'God power' or 'God is powerful,'" she said. "I recently discovered that Lila is lilac in Italian and also means 'the blooming of a flower. The words are powerful and define the path that God has taken for me." Source

This young artist is a native of Jamaica, born 24 years ago in Kinstong, and since 2016 you are entering the art world, really is a young artist who is making its way in the competitive world of Reggae, but his talent has allowed that in a short time is between the representative faces of modern Reggae, with a mixture of reggae, soul, hip-hop and dancehall.

As part of the APART initiative, the intention is to share some image of your authorship that is related to a song, in this case is the following

Lila Iké - Solitude

Lyrics to "Solitude" song

Peace of mind
That's just what I seek to find (Oh yeah)
I ain't in the mood
I just need some solitude (Oh gosh)
But everybody is trying to talk to me yet
Nobody tryna hear me out
Say you've got some things to say
Honestly you just a move your mouth
The things you say it makes no sense and me no have the time fi figure it out
Leave me alone
It's best you just leave me out
See what I'm trying to say is that this cause me so much pain
Feeling like I've got no control over my own brain
And it's sad to see that you don't see it's driving me insane
Leave me alone (Oh yes)
Right ya now nuff a dem fi get block and delete
Airplane mode, how the life yah so sweet
Come a ring off me line
Seven days of the week
Oh, me nuffi write, no, me nuffi sleep
Lila beg you this,…

Lila Iké Online:

Youtube channel


In the community of REGGAEJAHM there is a dynamic that serves very well for all those who like photography, you do not need to be a professional in this area to share good photos, this dynamic is #APART A Picture & A Reggae Tune, created by @dmilliz.

What is it?

It's very simple, some image that makes you think of a specific reggae song, that somehow you can relate it, ready, you have a publication ready to share with an original image and a song by an artist of your interest.

How to participate?

"You can take part in #APART anytime.
Be sure to use #APART
Post your APART content in the Reggaejahm community or on Reggaestem.io.
Tell your friends who love photography and Reggae Music about it.
Have fun and let's get JAHMIN."Source


I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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Yes indeed, I have been feeling that feeling to escape into solitude, it has been a part of my character, so I usually go into the hills for a hike, and I guess that is why I have been giving a long lone journey to work daily by the creator. I can't recall this song but I know I have heard it already, I shall give it a spin once I get the chance. Good info on Lila's name, I had no idea. You really do dive in to your posts.

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Hello @dmilliz
Yes, it usually takes a few minutes of solitude, even if it's only for a few minutes. Man is social by nature, but I consider that the extreme of the social, which is solitude, we cannot abandon it, because it allows us to be in contact with ourselves.
Behind every artistic name there are many secrets and stories.

@JustinParke here on behalf of the ReggaeJAHM Community.

This post makes me realize I need some solitude. We've been living in capital cities for nearly two years. It's a strange life for two people raised on farms and used to clean air.

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ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇɢɢᴀᴇᴊᴀʜᴍ ᴠᴏᴛɪɴɢ ᴛʀᴀɪʟ
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