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RE: Dash Out Sunday Week #4 ( The Food Pic Contest )

in ReggaeJAHM6 months ago (edited)

Congrats man.  Yup,power up that HIVE, early days yet.

I gotta try that soup one day. ( hint, recipe posts do well on hive, take pics each step of the way, throw in a gif 😁)

Oh and don't forget your JAHM tokens, its the token of Reggaejahm, not worth much now but it will be 😁


Thanks for the tip about the recipes. I've also noticed that. Recipes with exact amounts are non-existent tho if you're from the caribbean, but you already knew that. 😂

In any case, I've taken some ingredient and in-between pics for my next #DashOutSunday post.

Yeah, I saw the JAHM tokens, but I'll hodl them for now until I get the hang of all of the HIVE exosystem.