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RE: No matter what, Enjoy life - APART initiative (original content)

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Good message man! Myself need to enjoy life a little more, cause tomorrow ain’t promised. Sorry to hear about the neighbor, life can be tough but we really need to remember that life is for living, not stressing and counting even our blessing no matter how small. I will Muku tie life more for sure. Nice selection of international reggae. That first one is versatile, their voices sound out of this world. The reggae mix makes me remember that this place where I live is a reggae land. Good vibes bro, I’d send this to get curated but it’s already voted up.


I was struck by the fact that there is a lot of Japanese reggae, but it's great. The diversity is good.
You have to enjoy life, it happens very fast, and as you say @dmilliz, tomorrow is not promised.
The first video is great, I particularly liked it a lot, actually it's a mix of pure talent.
Yes, the post was voted on a few minutes after it was published. Thanks anyway.
Enjoy, really, living is a good thing.