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RE: ReggaeJahm's #DashOutSunday - My participation (Original Content)

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Chinese rice 😂 makes sense. We call it fried rice, but the real question is, what do the Chinese call it ? Hehehe。

Lemon cheese cake 🍰 😳 you killing me bro, that sounds like the devil.


The origin of that name "Chinese rice " is because in Venezuela and Colombia, that type of fried rice is made in Chinese shops, so it was named "Chinese rice".
Yes, lemon cheese cake, they also sell passion fruit. They are great brot, that is an excellent flavor. My wife learned how to make it, and we are already preparing it at home, well, she prepares it, I eat it ha ha ha

Greetings @dmilliz

Wow, passion fruit cheesecake, that sounds even better. Man I am missing out, Japan doesn't make good cheesecake at all