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RE: The black is Beautiful / Photography and Song (APART initiative)

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Very cool painting. Would love something like that on my wall. Yes indeed , the African defendants have been through so much and continue to go through a lot. Yet many great nations were built on their backs. What hurts me the most is how the slave owners were compensated handsomely after slaver was abolished, compensated for “losing their property > the slaves” yet the slaves got nothing and had to go back and work for them. But time is the real master.

Chronixx song futé the picture sbd message well. Dude you are a pro at this lol 😆


Truly, history is full of such cruel truths, and not only history but the present. But, as you say @dmilliz, time is a master, only with the passage of time can we know what will come. Learn from it to follow, because we must not stop.
We must move forward.

Thanks for the support @dmilliz