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RE: Dash Out Sunday Week #5 ( The Food Pic Contest)

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The plantains are really your favorite. The supplier of plantains here in Japan had a tough time recently. The shipment they last made from south America took longer than usual because of the virus and all the plantains came spoiled): So many people were dissapointed.

Nice meaty dish there, hahaha glad the contest got you "posing your cooking" LOL!

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Yeaah @dmilliz
actually I like fried plantains very much. And besides, they are very economical. For one dollar you can buy up to 4-5 plantains, big ones.
Too bad about that plantain exporter, no one could have known that this pandemic would delay delivery, and that he would lose everything, very unfortunate that.

Yes, I take my time to cook, to serve, after the food poses for the photo, it goes down in history LOL