Dash Out Sunday Week #3 ( The Food Pic Contest )

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Home made Pizza.

Happy Sunday! I hope it’s been a great weekend. Today we had some homemade Pizza. Homemade meaning we popped it in the oven at home 😂 but that’s OK, I can still Dash it out. We just got back from the pool with the kids and weren't in the mood to cook. I could have easily lied and said this was homemade though. But thats not me, I Dash Out the truth. Lets dive into the winner of last weeks Dash Out Sunday.

Winner from last week

Last week we had 3 people participate in the Dash Out Sunday contest. Thank you very much, it will take some time for this contest to get up and going but hey, lets enjoy each step of the way.

And the winner is(niyabinghi drum roll!!!)

Congrats @justinparke 👑who shared his ital dish, aloo-channa masala along with some rotis. He posted his pic just in time to enter and his presentation and yum factor was all the way UP! Here is a pic below.

This looks so good, right? @Justinparke walks away with 1 HBD and 750 JAHM!
Screen Shot 20200830 at 5.24.41 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200830 at 5.27.25 PM.png


Early Birds get the JAHM & HIVE

Well since only 3 people entered I decided to reward the early adopters of this contest. So @missaj and @quinnertronics you both get 1 HIVE and 300 JAHM for being awesome early adopters to DOS. Your dishes were also excellent and I would devour them through my PC screen if I could. See the DOS pics below.


Screen Shot 20200830 at 5.28.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200830 at 5.28.13 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200830 at 5.24.49 PM.png

Screen Shot 20200830 at 5.25.16 PM.png

And now on to week 3


Welcome to the Dash Out Sunday Contest.

Dash out means to show or throw out. Below is a short background of the idea of the contest, 😀

In Jamaican and Caribbean culture, Sunday dinner is the most looked forward to and probably the most extravagant of the week. (Hmmm, but that’s probably Sunday dinner in any country right?) Dishes such as stew chicken with rice and peas, curry goat, oxtail just to name a few,delight many after their church service. ( well, those who do go to church).

With this simple contest I'd like to invite Hivians from all corners of the block to share a pic of their Sunday or Saturday dinner with us in the @reggaejahm community. It doesn't have to be Jamaican or Caribbean food but just made by you or a family member with love. Food brings the people together and while we can't physically taste what the food is like, we can see it and imagine.

Through this contest I hope to get a little more engagement within the community and also attract those outside of the community to Reggaejahm.




  • Post a pic of your Sunday or Saturday dinner in the comments below. Original photos only. They are watching👹.

  • If you bought food you can post a pic and get some votes but it won’t stand a chance of winning. The dinner must be prepared by you or a loved one to be eligible to win.

  • Tell us a little about the dish in a few sentences and anything else you'd like to add.

  • Re-blog and upvote this post.

Feel free to make a complete post about your “Dash out Sunday” dinner in the Reggaejahm community or on ReggaeSteem.io. You can also use the tag #jahm from any HIVE Interface. Making a post is not mandatory.




  • There will only be one winner, and they will receive 1 HBD and 750 JAHM Tokens!

  • Upvotes will be given to all participants based on the community, AKA please vote other peoples’ dinner pics 😂 . I’ll also be giving out some JAHM Up votes and using the @reggaejahm account to give some HIVE votes.

  • Contest ends in 3 days Japan time, but the winner will be announced when this post pays out.The winner will be chosen by me based on food presentation and yum factor.

    Good luck! And let’s “Dash Out” those dinners!

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Well dinner wasn’t beautiful in appearance today as I overcooked the chicken 😂 my boys still thought it was marvelous. I made some patty meat (minced chicken and beef, seasoned to lemon pepper, grated carrots, onions garlic , some corn and herbs) shape like steak and baked. My son who helped me make it didn’t try it but the older lad ate about 4, I had some salad and fried rice. Message to self Indonesian spices are too spicy for kids who have only lived in Japan, so I enjoyed that. Today’s juice was from my new juicer: pineapple,ginger and pear for me, apple for the youngest and apple and kiwi for the oldest. I froze the fibre and ate it for desert. ‘Twas a good day.

So di man help mek it and don't even try 😂. Chicken look like my kinda bun up, better bun up than raw up. Jah know is time fi start cook again on Sunday.
Juicer a gwaan though. A suh much different juice mek to Rahtid, if a me a one juice a mek 😂 , speaking bout juicer u just remind me seh me send Juls juicer to one bredda and him never have use for it. Might haffi guh get it back. Though it too big fi dem small chicken yah.

Yes Bredda , regular ting fi dem
Youts yah. Dem help mi mek tings den nuh try it and it usually taste suh gud.
Yeah man , cuz di juicer yield small , it easy fi dash in and put your cup under di tap fi your own juice. Kid fun ting.

Actually it doesn't look bad at all @missaj
It is a good variety of food.
It looks nutritious, with colors and surely with diverse textures, that's what I like.

Hi @dmilliz, This is my entry.


This chicken sándwich with lettuce tomato onion, tomato mayonnaise sauce and a little mustard.

That was my dinner today, Sunday, in Venezuela however many times what we usually have for dinner is sweet arepa with white cheese or grilled arepa with cheese and a good coffee with milk.

Also on other occasions, we had bread made by me for dinner.

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No this is my kinda meal. simple but nutritious. This is the kinda stuff I need to start making. Thanks for your entry dude.Just google arepa, it looks good. Its like a fried bread right? We have something g like it in Jamaica but more round,we called it "friend dumplings"

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Hi @dmilliz
The arepa is based on corn flour, with that we create a corn dough and then the arepas are made, I know that many Venezuelans live in Jamaica who achieved huri from this country, thank God they must be much better.

It is possible that they sell bread flour there.

Since criminals and drug traffickers have been ruling in this country, many Venezuelans are scattered throughout the world.

I hope you can get a Venezuelan to prepare you a pepeada queen arepa. You're going to love it.

Hey Jose, thanks for the entry. You got me hungry before lunch time with this one LOL. Love the presentation.

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Una rica cena Corn flakes y maní en un plato para la cena. Muy sencilla pero aporta fibra y el maní contiene muy buenos nutrientes.

A rich dinner Corn flakes and peanuts on a plate for dinner. Very simple but it provides fiber and peanuts contain very good nutrients.

Gracias por la invitación @dmilliz


Interesting. I Now I want to try peanuts in my cereal. Gotta give God thanks for the nourishment.

I would need 3 plates of that cereal to say that I look good ha ha
But, it is a good dinner @sacra97

Necesitaría 3 platos de ese cereal para decir que quedo bien ja ja ja
Pero, es una buena cena @sacra97

Estaba más lleno el plato, pero si es verdad, una arepa da la sensación de llenura, pero es un gran alimento, fibra y vitaminas. @josevas217. Un abrazote.

Today was lazy throw everything in the pot and simmer some beef mushroom soup Sunday!

Read more about it in this post in the ReggaeJAHM community <--



Great contest! I'll be making something close to home later today, so that will be my first post in this community 😀

Congrats to @justinparke, @missaj and @quinnertronics. I can learn a lot from Justin's creativity in his meat-free and healthy dishes. Missaj and Quinnertronics had me at the pieces of avocado.

Give thanks for the kind words @rarej.

 6 months ago (edited)

Thanks! Remember to post a pic here as a comment. Yeah Justin's meat free makes wanna try to make these kinda dishes. Yeah Avocado must be in season 😄. Actually had some myself yesterday. They came all they way from Mexico.

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Guess what I had for breakfast today..


Now that is a healthy breakfast 😋

The crust looks delish and homemade

Yeah, it does. I could have easily gotten away with saying I made it 😁 Thanks for stopping by dude.

Hmmn Yum...I love pizzas....those beauties should be sent to me, its my birthday :D :D

It wasn't bad. For the price too, about 2 HBD 😂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUD3 ! How young are you know?

Hehehe 28 years young bro...💪

I remember dem days! Best times of my life lol 😂

😂😂😂😂....i better make this one so!

Thanks a bunch my G!

Hello friend @dmilliz how great this contest!

  • My dinner on Sunday was two delicious Venezuelan arepas with a parakeet, a jumble of onion, tomato and eggs is called a parakeet ...
    It is fantastic !!

Hola amigo @dmilliz que genial este concurso!

  • Mi cena del domingo fueron dos deliciosas arepas venezolanas con perico, se le llama perico a un revoltillo de cebolla, tomate y huevos...
    Queda fantástico!!


Ah sorry dear but this post didn't come in on time though it looks really good. The contest only last for 3 days.

Up up up Dash Out Sunday!

This cool initiative will only grow and grow.

Respect Italist. Mek we see what the future has in store.

Wow, I felt like eating pizza all of a sudden
This time if I get there on time, my participation is already on the way😁. Congratulations to last week's winners.

Doing promotion from now on...
Little by little we will make call.

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It wasn't bad at all. Thanks man, I appreciate your support dude and looking forward to your entry.

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