Justin Sun of Tron Who Just Met Warren Buffett Buys Steemit Inc.

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Justin Sun's Aquisition of Steemit Inc is The Best News For Steem

Ned Scott announced today on Twitter that he had sold Steemit Inc. to Justin Sun, the founder of Tron Blockchain.

1228364811622322178?s=20 tomorrow morning at 9 am PST there will be an AMA by Ned, see twitter metadata:cmVhbE5lZFNjb3R0fHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL3JlYWxOZWRTY290dC9zdGF0dXMvMTIyODM2NDgxMTYyMjMyMjE3OD9zPTIwIHRvbW9ycm93IG1vcm5pbmcgYXQgOSBhbSBQU1QgdGhlcmUgd2lsbCBiZSBhbiBBTUEgYnkgTmVkLCBzZWUgfA== ~~~here for details.

People often confuse Steemit Inc. with Steem; Steemit Inc. is a corporation that owns Steemit, a DApp (Decentralized Application) which runs on the Steem Blockchain. ReggaeSteem, SteemLeo, SteemPeak, etc. are also DApps that run on the Steem Blockchain. Steemit's founders, Ned Scott and Dan Larimer started the Steem Blockchain which is slowly becoming more and more decentralized.

This Acquisition is Amazing for Steem


For those of you who love the blogging aspect of Steem or are just here for the technology 😹 Stop Worrying, Everything Will Be OK. You will still be able to blog and post JSONs, nothing will drastically change. If you are wondering about your income/investment, the Steem blockchain has just been significantly de-risked. Justin Sun's interest is a tremendous nod to Steem. He could have bought one of the thousands of other CryptoCurrency related businesses. Tron users will more than likely pour money into this project as will other people who wish to copy Sun's business savvy.

We are Dealing with a Man Who Just Met Warren Buffett

That's right, three weeks ago Justin Sun met the Oracle of Omaha for dinner, the World's Best Value Investor Warren Buffett. And, what is Justin Sun's first order of business after meeting the World's Most Successful Investor? He Buys Steemit Inc.

How is This Not Amazing for Steem?

As you know, I have been heavily involved in ReggaeSteem and JAHM. JAHM is a reward token for people who like Reggae Music and Caribbean Culture. More importantly, the people behind ReggaeSteem want to introduce Blockchain technology to everyday people of the Caribbean in a big way. JAHMFEST is being held on June 26th to 28th in Negril, Jamaica to do just that. We would love to invite @justinsun, @ned, @warrenbuffett and everyone else who wishes to expand their reach into the Carribean while having a great time.

Can't wait to See this Relationship Bloom

If you wish to buy JAHMFEST tickets, visit the Steem Leo Shop here or reach out to us on the Reggae Steem Discord. If you are the real Warren Buffett or Justin Sun, Crypticat has you covered! That's how much I love this deal. And @ned, I got your ticket to JAHMFEST too!

Disclosure: These words are not typed by a cat. This post is not financial advice and is just an opinion. I am not your financial advisor and am not soliciting business or representing any entity with this post except for a Cat 😸 I do not recommend purchasing, selling or holding Tron, Steem, JAHM or anything except your loved ones, Happy Valentines Day!


...here estimating how many (new) reggae music lovers and potential travelers we are about to acquire— and what it means to Tron that they now have direct access to marketing and merchants in the Caribbean region. 🤔

Interesting times ahead.

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Someone who knows more about Tron than you or I needs to be a speaker at JAHMFEST

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Interesting to see you say this here, @crypticat.

Earlier today, I was thinking about Justin Sun's lunch date with Warren Buffett... who made his billions by investing in undervalued companies in very basic types of business... and a few weeks later Sun invests in Steemit, Inc which is part of Steem, which is by many measures a very undervalued blockchain and token that actually has a lot of functioning dapps and use cases."

Coincidence? Things that make you go "hmmmm...."


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Justin Sun thinks we're a bunch of basic cats😸

I suppose we may never know quite what the truth is, but the speculation is fun!


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Although I am not a huge fan of everything under the sun, gotta say I like Steem.

@ned finally redeemed himself by onboarding @justinsunsteemit. What a day to be alive!

Well said
I know it will open doors for all steemians.
Keep on postin

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and especially Tronians and people who aren't on Steem. The people here with a decent stake are lucky enough.

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Interesting acquisition for steemit, inc. . I think this is good for STEEM, especially since trx and steem are both built and primed on so many decentralized applications. Let’s goooo

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Steemit was acquired. Can't wait to find out more during the AMA in an hour.

Hello @crypticat

They recently met, certainly, but Warren's stance has always been somewhat discouraging in the face of cryptomonies. However, from what he has said publicly, blockchain technology does seem to him to be a great advance.
In the end, time will tell and it will really be what determines the reality of steem, steemit, and your blockchain.

Which is good news, well, it has had a positive impact on the prices of Steem and Tron, I am sure that many people knew about this platform, and that is already profit... it is time to wait.

Hoping to continue to grow within and with the platform.

Well said. Buffett called bitcoin junk when it was tremendously overvalued. Bet there are a few hundred people on Steem and Tron who wished they had sold some off at the time.

Sorry to spoil the party....
Please remember:

Oh I Remeber that clearly, but he was right at the time about it being a tremendous bubble. Watching bitcoin fall from 20k to 4k or an 80% plus drop and it still hasn't recovered. Buffett also doesn't understand it, while Justin does.

Time will tell...

thank you for the information his friend sounds very pleasant maybe it would be better for us to know

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