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RE: Skip Marley a Rising Reggae Figure Grandson of the Great Bob Marley ..

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I know people have mentioned this before:
He .... His..... Him.... refers to the male gender
Her.... She... refers to the female gender

It is just a matter of semantics,
the study of meanings.
Give you loads of credit just writing
English, knowing it is your second language.
No disrespect whatsoever, just envy that
you are multi languaged.
When I took Spanish is high school years ago
I had the same problem with pronouns.
My teacher gave me hell all the time.

Respect @mariluna

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Hi friend I have seen several observations but I do not understand anything I am concerned about making the correction but I do not speak English I use my translator and sometimes it changes what I mean if you know of any good virtual translator on the web let me know friend ..

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I was under the impression that
you spoke English. Only translation app I know of is google.
No worries your message of positively comes across the miles,
Loud AND Clear.

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