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RE: Communities are Here TAG GIVEAWAY

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I'm a bit confused:
If we tag #jahm, the post will just appear on
To get it to appear in ReggaeSteem the community, we have to tag #hive-150047 (or directly post in that community)?
Using the tag #reggaesteem will or won't get the post to appear in the ReggaeSteem community (or anywhere else)?
Setting up sub-communities within ReggaeSteem - that has to be done by an admin or mod?
These tags/communities that you are talking about in your post are not directly associated with the ReggaeSteem community (#hive-150047) - they would have to be added to it as a sub-community?

Thanks :)

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 last year 

If you post on your posts will appear in reggaesteem. If you tag jahm, your posts will appear on reggaesteem. If you make tag #hive-150047 your first tag, it will appear on the reggaesteem community. Use the tag where the tags go, not in your post.

It's new and may change but hive tags or communities are great. I always had an issue with people using 4 or 5 tribal tags. Posting in the reggaesteem hive won't get you Jahm. Tagging Jahm or posting on will

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Okay, thanks, I think I've got it 😎