Smoked Spare Ribs from The World Famous Rick’s Café in Negril, Jamaica 🇯🇲

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I walked over to Rick’s last night for dinner and a some drinks. It’s was eerily quiet compared to the mad-house it usually is. I must admit I did get a chance to enjoy the BBQ Spare ribs with fries.


The ribs were great. And I washed them down with a couple Red Stripe beers. 🍻

The (food) menu is small (like the portions, lol) but the presentation is always great —given this is the must stop for the vast majority of tourists on the island.


You’ll enjoy just about everything on the menu. It’s only a short walk from me @canjamretreat and we even share parking facilities for the 420 Happy Hour. I wouldn’t say it’s the most affordable place to eat but when the crowds come back, I’ll surely recommend guests and be here often.

This is what Rick’s usually looks like after sunset:
E24830BD291B4B40B9F4A2C12AA6BB1F.jpeg *Sourced from Googs

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of the venue (wasn’t thinking) but I can tell you there was about 40 people max —including staff 😕. The lockdown is affecting everyone, even the busiest attractions on the island are empty and tourist season officially begins in 3 weeks.

Hopefully the worst is behind us.

Cheers and thanks for reading 🙏🏽


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That venue looks great. Right on the water, beautiful view so many people.
A small menu usually means that is the items that are the best. Those are what the specialize in. Now this makes me hungry to make my own ribs. I haven't smoked ribs in quite some time, but maybe sometime this season in the winter I could still do it. Hopefully it isn't too cold out.
Thanks for the share.