Breakfast from Pelican Lookout in West End, Negril

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Chicken stuffed cucumber, fried eggs, boiled bananas and yams with seasonal fruit, garnished with Sea-grape leaves — yum 😋

Unfortunately, I had to get this to-go and head back over to the retreat @canjamretreat, but it was still picturesque 🤓

Pelican Lookout is a new spot, a restaurant and bar that serves Jamaican Gourmet on the cliffs in West End, Negril.


The space is amazing, there’s even a beach on the cliff side where you can see our famous Negril sunsets in all its glory 🤯

40B2B0DFDAC440BDB58389633A096782.jpeg *this img sourced from Google (it’s still morning)

I plan to stop by on the weekend for dinner, mingle with the owner a bit and write a proper review. Until then, thanks for reading and wish you a blessed day!

Peace ✌🏽


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