Our Three Favorite Ital Foods & More

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Two or three days ago. I made a video with my sister. It is for #NaturalMedicine. I hope you enjoy my post very well. 😊

A Bit About The Video

Today, my dad got an idea for us. My sister doesn't but then she wants to make it with me. My sister doesn't like to hear her voice. My dad also doesn't like to hear his voice. I don't like to listen to voice too. I am fine with my voice.

I talked about my three favorite foods and my sister favorite too. I talked about what is it good for and where does it came from. I hope you enjoy my video very well. :)


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Monkey B



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I enjoyed your video, very well... :>) It made me smile.

I am happy that I can help you smile.



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Hahaha your sister Monkey B is harliraes! I laughed so hard when she plays with you while you are talking! You both have a very sweet voice. My favourite food is watermelon, apples and noodles.

Thank you so much @littlem. My sister always play around. Somethimes when I am busy studying she boring me a lot. !ENGAGE 20

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You two are so funny you can make lots of commercials together ...lol...that's a lot of nice foods you like 😄

Yes, we do love a lot of food and I also love to try new food too only vegan food.

This is good it's nice to try different foods from different countries that way you have more varieties to enjoy 😉

Yep, it is good to try. Before, I never try Indian food. I cry because I don't want to eat it. That day I was just 6 or 7 years old. I am still a baby that time. 😅 !ENGAGE 20

I understand when you are young you only want simply things like Chocolate and Candies but it is very good now that you are trying new foods , i always love trying new foods your mum always makes nice food you are lucky girl to have a mum that cooks nice foods and your dad cooks good also 😇

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