Feeding a Doctor Bird in the Stoner Sanctuary at CANJAM Cannabis Retreat

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A couple of our guests caught this video of me feeding ‘The Deputy’, one of many Doctor birds in the Stoner Sanctuary at @CANJAMRetreat

We call him the deputy because either he battled Bro Bro ‘The Mayor’ (our first doctor bird seen in my last video) or they came to some agreement; because he apparently is allowed to stay in the Sanctuary, even protecting his own area. One thing he can’t do though is feed on the feeders in the back.

Many visitors have noticed he’s a lot more friendly, while the mayor albeit a lot bigger just perches, fights and occasionally puts on a show.

In this video, The Deputy feeds from a flower I’m holding. It was truly a treat and made the day not only for me but my guests.

Cheers and thanks for watching 🙏🏽

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How fun to have that beautiful bird come so close to you! Great video! Thanks for posting it here for all of us at Feathered Friends to see.

Thanks.... We're building a sanctuary for them at the retreat so I'll definitely be sharing more!

I will look forward to seeing more from you!