Young Jamaican Doctor Birds in the Sanctuary this Morning

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Good morning from Negril, Jamaica 🇯🇲

While having my (3rd) cup of coffee this morning, I caught these 2 young male Jamaican Doctor Birds (our National Birds) feeding in the gardens at @CANJAMRetreat

They have very small tail feathers but you can tell they are males due to their black/green chest as opposed to the white/green chest of the females:

They are very tamed to humans, even at this young age (2 weeks or so). They love to perch right next to you and sometimes hover by your side. I attempted to feed one but to no avail; you can see hit shoot off near light speed at the end of the video.

I plan on installing another 3 humming bird feeders in the Stoner Sanctuary, bringing the total to 11. That way many of these young birds will likely stay, and the alpha males will likely secure their domains in the sanctuary.

Although a part of the humming bird family; Doctor Birds can only be found in Jamaica. They cannot migrate, and will attempt to return to the island if removed.

Problem is due to the immense amount of energy they burn during flight, they can’t cross the seas. The apparent cost of maneuvering in air like a hummingbird using the force.

If you’d like to see them, you have to visit Jamaica. For more info about our retreat and epic Hive discounts visit

PS: If anyone knows the name of the flowers they are feeding on please let me know in the comments, provide links if possible. I’ll send a 5 Hive reward 🤓

Cheers and thanks for watching/reading 🙏🏽

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Nice video! Upload more videos like this, but, please, add some voice, explain something in the video. It would be more interesting.

Thanks for your opinion, but it’s hard to add voice while keeping the calm needed to train them at that young age. I guess I can use the Mac/iMovie and voiceover but I rarely have time to blog anymore (running a hotel/retreat) much less to do editing.

Personally —I rather the immutable memories of the birds, the background silence/noises etc over my voice (on my blog). Cheers 🍻

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Fantastic photos and video! Great capture of the bird sitting on the branch. Look up mimosas and see if you think that might be the flowers the birds are feeding on.

OMG! Thanks 🙌🏽😃... it’s a Red Mimosa or Calliandra Haematocephala. I’m going to print out the details, laminate and have it posted near.

I’ll set the bounty in a few, thanks again!

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No need to send Hive... Power it up instead! ♥️💪