Stuck in the Rain at Roger’s One Love Bar, Negril

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This afternoon Shari convinced me to ride the scooter (moped) up the beach to her swim practice. No problem, sounds like fun 😏

I dropped her off at practice then took the bike for a beach 🏍💨 run. Bad idea. It died on me waiting for the gate to raise at Couples Swept Away when I got back.

One of the most beautiful properties in Negril, and here I am sweating my balls off trying to kick start a scooter at the gate 🤪... staff walking by and I’m all like “Hi ladies,,, everything’s fine” 🔥🙂🔥

I spent the next hour trying to start it back up, eventually it came alive again. It just needs a tune-up 😅

Got back to the pool just in time to catch this pic. That’s @shari.porter in the red swim cap, just off center in the distance.


Then on the way back we got caught in the rain and had to pull over under a shack for a few mins. (Title pic). Another bad idea. I’m actually writing this while we wait it out and the rain just keeps getting harder.


“They’re sun showers, should be over in a few minutes”— yeah, right 🙄💭

The rum-shack is called Roger’s One Love Bar on Negril’s beach road (Norman Manley Blvd). The first time I’ve stopped here but judging by the international license plates: It’s another of many great places to kill some time. 🍻



Even rainy days can be fun in Jamaica 😅

Thanks for reading. Bless!

#OneLove #OneSteem

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Mining ⛏ content out of the sun and rain ☔️ 😂

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🤔😅😂🤣 hilarious bro, after all gotta actually blog every now and then... can’t always be about earning crypto and shilling ReggaeSteem u zt

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Great post @donald.porter. That looked and sounded like quite a rain shower. I am glad you got the moped started eventually- I know what that’s like lol
Your daughter has such a great pool to use . I wish her lots of success. She will be super healthy too with all this swimming - i understand it to be the best all over exercise for the body. to you both! One Love - Happy days - RESTEEMED ❤️💛💚

Thanks @sallybeth23! Yeah, the rain lasted about half an hour, went from sun shower to tropical downpour then back lol... an hour later it was sunny/hot again. 🥵 It’s normal this time of year. The hotel sponsors the swim team and allows them to use the pool once a week on Saturdays, pretty sweet deal. Thanks for the resteem and well wishes, all the best to you as well! #OneLove

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Tropical Rain can be tough!
You are taking it like a champion ;)

🤣 nothing a little Steeming can’t help lol bless up bredda

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:) bless

Rainy Season is a good enough excuse to hang out at the bar all-day :D

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Yezzir... there were a few people in the back that had the same idea 😂

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Yes mon!! Whenever we’re in Negril, the rains seem to come somehow everyday right at 3 o’clock on the dot. Works perfectly, too, gives us time to head back to the room for a midday nap so we can hangout all night on the beach or venture up the west end to the cliffs

Endless things to do in Negril

Bless bredda

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Although it's rainy it does look nice.

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Real talk! Gotta make the best of it every time

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You know why I love this post even more? Simply because of those colorful pictures embedded in between those creative sentences you put up here. I like this. Thanks for sharing.

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Is that the sidewalk
which mysteriously
appeared about five
or so years ago.
Prior to that had
to walk the road.
Big time Negril.
There’s bar on beach
which has license
plates. I’ll post pics
in future post. Can’t
remember name right
now. That’s a cool feature.
Enjoyed post.
Lovely daughter.

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Bless up bredda, yeah that’s the new sidewalk added a couple years ago. There’s a good number of bars on the side now since most spaces have been taken up along both sides of the road. I’ll take more pics in the coming weeks, with the season starting up it’s a good time, more people plus the place will be extra clean lol

unless they are buying those plates in bulk on eBay (not even sure if that’s possible) the license plates are a sure sign of a chill hangout spot... the older the better 😃


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beautiful babe good pictures excellent story ..

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Thanks dear, blessings to you and yours 🙏🏽

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@miti curation project.png

Here is a frikcking 100% upvote for a guy that speaks... Yes... you might have all sorts of reasons to post... but sometimes I also do too! On my voting! LOL

You will never guess... =) cheers