Irie Christmas (Holidays) to everyone

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Greetings reggaemuffins ,food flinging Steemians and foodies worldwide. I greet you well whether you celebrate the season or not - we have made it thus far this year. Welcome to MissaJ’s ReggaeKitchen😀

The song above is always at the forefront of my mind when I think of my childhood memories of Christmas in Jamaica. My family wasn’t big on Christmas celebrations but the music was everywhere and I loved it. The lights , hustle and bustle of downtown,Kingston and greatest of all the gathering of friends and family for food.

In Japan , Christmas is primarily for young lovers and people generally eat fried chicken and cake. Not this guy - my boys expect chicken leg and thighs. Admittedly I did tone down my cooking this year but I threw in some Jerk / Bbq chicken.

I bought a small bird and some leg and thigh.
On the whole Chicken I used jerk sauce (mild) mixed with bbq sauce . I gave the chicken a good rub with some dried herbs , (do add some under the chicken skin and inside the cavity of the fowl. )
After that we rubbed in the wet mixture of jerk and bbq sauce and because I had time I allowed that to marinate for three days in the refrigerator of course . On Christmas Eve I set it to bake at 300 degrees breast up for 30 minutes . Reduced the temperature to 180 and baked for thirty more minutes on the other side.
Though I was feeling lazy I still boiled some potatoes, added a bit of butter and stuffed them into the chicken prior to baking it.
My mother in law doesn’t eat chicken so did some deep fried tofu. Quite simple- salt and pepper, bit of herbs and let it marinate. Firm tofu is best for this. 183020CA-C838-49B9-87DA-DD15F4E4C735.jpeg
Cut the tofu in cubes , sprinkle whatever dried seasons you want to on that - let it sit for a while. Finally, I dipped it in cornstarch and bread crumbs and fried till it was crispy and brown on the outside. 5EEE9F48-6028-4D80-9A07-9107D03DA227.jpeg
Easy as you like and vegetarians love this.
I also tried the roast cabbage recipe I found in the last foodfight and I can say it was amazing (of course I added my own touch and flavors but it was a wonderful idea) 04473F2B-4AD5-400F-B10B-74AAF72D8A6C.jpeg
A tups of lemon juice , some oil , magic salt and a few drops of sauce. Rub it in real good and bake for about 30 minutes - delish!
My wife did her teriyaki chicken, my mother in law threw in her sushi 🍣, the boys assembled a Plain cake with fresh fruits (strawberries and kiwis) then covered it with cream. Added some ice cream to the evening and the food coma kicked in. F8E93C5E-04E3-4529-AA60-4BCE32E18C6C.jpeg
That’s another #indeliblevibration from the #reggaekitchen. Peace and Love - lets make it a crime free and happy holiday.

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Lovely! The food looks gorgeous and the children also :)
I'm going to try the roast cabbage, thanks for the recipe.
Here, Patrick made a very similar roast chicken, but also a stew of beef short ribs, we had it with potatoes and brussel sprouts, but just as we were about to serve I felt like some rice as well - went beautifully with the gravy from the short ribs.
I missed out on cakes with strawberries and cream and ice-cream - maybe a little treat in the new year hehe x
Best wishes to you and your family.

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Best wishes to you and Patrick too- we’ve missed you around these parts.

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A hearty xmas meal! I need to do better, haven't touched a pot over the season. May do so today. Like the two song dem weh yuh select. Mother in law a vegetarian, wow, unexpected. Or is just chicken she don't eat?

My bwoi dem see the pics of your boys and thought it was them lol

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Forced vegetarian (occasionally a bit of fish). The mixed boys look similar until they get to a certain age bouy 😂. These two nuh play wid good Bredda.
Re cooking - quite difficult to cook when we are always working or doing the papa life but I make the cooking part of the papa life cuz I got one of the Japanese salaryman work schedule,

Looks amazing, especially the chicken and the sashimi. You're some cook! This was my holiday feast.


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That’s a colorful plate- good going - foodies unite!

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You had me at the beginning but the passed out kids was stellar!

One love. One life. Let’s get together and feel alright. ‘Hear the children laughing!’ One love. One heart. Give thanks and praise to The Lord and you will feel allight.

Happy Irie new year, @missaj. Thanks for making a mess with us.

Yes man - give praise to The Most High everytime! Peace and love to you and yours. All the best best for the New Year.

What a lovely spread, I would have grabbed some of that cake for starters, looks gorgeous @missaj!

Thank you 😊 I’m not much of a cake person but I grabbed some and it was good.

Talk about a table full of amazing dishes! How cool is that? You used a recipe from a previous food fight!! Awesome!!! I always see so many tasty recipes and dishes but I always forget to look back and try them myself. Thanks for Flingin’ food with us!! Cheers!!

That’s how I learn new recipes and turn them into my own. Since I moved here I’ve met so many people from all over the globe and gladly try their recipes. That roast garbage was loved by everyone. Thanks for passing through the kitchen man - have a good one.

A very irie christmas holidays to you and yours as well :) And a happy new year

Blessings to you and a happy new year when it rolls around!

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Wow, that table is really worth sharing, tremendous variety of dishes, like to gain 10 pounds, good music. It's tremendous.

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Thank you for stopping by the reggae kitchen. Steem on !

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