ReggaeSteem/JAHM Token Tutorial!

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Tonight I do a quick tutorial on the Hottest Steemit Tribe out there today know as Reggaesteem where you can earn JAHM Tokens from curation, blogging, delegation and coming soon after the new year staking!

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@thomasgutierrez thanks for sharing this useful informations...

Hello, thank you for sharing and providing the opportunity for us to invest, grow, learn.

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Extensive tutorial. LOL at the Crypticat mention "He will Scratch you up".
Thanks for believing, supporting, and promoting ReggaeSteem.

Epicness bro, saw this a few days ago but was too busy to watch in full. I just nominated you for the ReggaeSteem Whitelist, also I’m doing some social shares to get you more views!

We have a JSNS Token explainer coming out soon, would be kl if you can do the same for that. Also, if you have any ideas hit me up on discord, we can come up with compensation 🙂

Cheers bro !BEER

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Hey @thomasgutierrez, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!