SteemSavvy Monday Madness - We're Talking #ReggaeSteem w/ @dmilliz

in dtube •  5 months ago 

I mentioned this about a week and a half ago...

When you combine my favorite blockchain and my favorite genre of music....I feel like I'm in heaven ;)

As one of the cooler projects on Steem-Engine I'm absolutely pumped up for @ReggaeSteem

Today I was joined by the marketing director for the project @Dmilliz and we went over the project, it's vision and of course....What was the best sound clash of all time ;)

Check it out and grab yourself some JAHM tokens!!!

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It was a very interesting show tonight. I learned lots and did not say much as I was to busy absorbing all the info about reggae steem . A must watch show for sue.

Yeah man, tons of fun. Great night of streaming :0

Greetings Reggaesteemer ;)
No Trini Roti.... you love di Jerk Chicken ;)
Nice work on that interview, only had time to watch
half.. but i follow you right now.
Did @Dmilliz say 100K Jahm/per night at miyard?

I'll eat it all...Buss up shut from Trinidad...Oxtail from Yard lol

As a vegan , i nearly vomited on your shoes ;)
But it's all Love...
I love Mother Earth Jamaica... she can nourish
you and me 100% in the Tropics with 4 x harvest.
Trini and Tobago was my "Start" 2000-2002...
Carnival ;)

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I signed up to for this, <3 Go Raptors Go!

LOL Absolutely! Raptors for life!!!

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Thanks for the hangout guys! It was fun😉

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