Enjoying a Positive and Relaxing Irish Reggae ..

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Since ancient times there has been a strong connection between Ireland and Jamaica. 350 years ago, after the defeat of the Irish rebels of the army of Oliver Cromwell, an English political and military leader. Millions of Irish women and young men were forcibly transported to Jamaica to work as slaves.
For this reason there is a mixture of races and cultures in this Caribbean island. ..


Tonight friends I want to introduce you to an Irish Reggae group called Celtic Reggae Revolution.


This band presents a fusion of Jamaican and Irish rhythms ..

their reggae rhythms are combined with traditional melodies and their lyrics are based on a social awakening, this is a multicultural group has combined to produce a unique sound.

This musical group is really charming, it is very interesting the reggae versions that have been released in their various albums with traditional Irish songs and original Celtic and Reggae fusion songs

Among the most outstanding songs we have:
entre las canciones mas destacadas tenemos:

Raggle Taggle Reggae

Spancil Hill/Gordon Wilson is a Forgiver

Celtic Reggae Revolution - GHANDI'S TRIUMPH

The Very Hairy Rasta Fairy

The United Mistakes Of America


until a new opportunity friends, it really is a music that transmits a quite positive vibration, it is a group of great talent and versatility ..uniting traditional Irish music with Dub Reggae with a great Pop that hooks.

bibliographic source

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My 1/16 Irish side rejoicing to this post 😅👍🏽

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Hey D.P. we blood. I’m
1/4 Irish Mothers Side
O’Connor lol
Catch my kids real name.
Drop that O’ and what
do have Connor.

if those current names and surnames that exist in Jamaica and in some countries are originally from Ireland because of the mixture of races they have had .. super greetings ..

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hello friend @donald.porter
thanks, for your comment we all have something of ireland I jaaaaja eyes, yes well there we are united to all races of the world greetings from Venezuela ..

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Irish Reggae you share was amazing tunes,,love it, Maria.

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Hello nice friend, I'm glad you like it honey if it's a great melody greetings ..

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Learn something new all the time from @mariluna. had no clue such a band existed.
I hear the fusion of the cultures in the music.

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Hello friend @dmilliz I hope you are well greetings, if it is an Irish band that fuses reggae with their traditional music ..
I hope you enjoy hugs ..

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