Message From a Jamaican Family in Wuhan China

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Yup Jamaicans are everywhere, here I am typing form Japan. Today I stumbled on a video of a Jamaican family living in wuhan China aka ground zero. Their message to Jamaica and the world is quite profound and I feel it will help to put a lot of people at ease. It seems they are still in lock-down mode at the moment but their spirits are high.

What really impresses me about this whole situation taking place in the world and our David and Goliath situation taking place on the chain is how it brings people together. In the case of the virus, the Shirley family states in the video the situation of being home for weeks has brought them closer together as a family and also closer to God individually ( if you don't believe in God, good for you). They also mention how kind their neighbors were, something that probably wasn't so common before Covid19. In countries like Italy we see individuals singing from their balconies to their neighbors. On top of all that, the skies are clean in China for the first time in years, less garbage in the streets as well. The canals in Italy have clear flowing water. There is good to be seen.

On the chain we can see many individuals bonding together for a cause, open discussions and opinions being entertained and the entire community going out to vote for steem witnesses. ( Well most). Not to mention the twitter trolling of Justin Sun ( he used Sun block though, I personally have not been very involved in this as I feel it is not the right approach and only aggravates Justin to do what he has been doing ).

But like any situation, it is up to us the individual how we react to the storms that life brings our way. We can cooperate, have empathy and effectively weather the storm and find solutions together or we can be all for ourselves and tear each other apart and make a bad situation worse.

Let's weather the storm together. On and off chain.

Here is the video of the Shirley family from Jamaica living in Wuhan, China.

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Well said! Global crisis has brought people together and hopefully people who are hoarding will rethink too! (Things like toilet paper selling out in all the shops)

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Yeah I didn't buy any. But I can imagine how easy it is to fall into that frenzy. When TP drama was going on here I went to a pharmacy as it was about to close and I saw them bringing out the TP, no one was around, it was the perfect time to grab some...but I said nah..a week after TP was back to normal.

pS: In America many are stacking up on guns.

Hello friend, this is a time of reflection and of being united in fraternity as given. They are moments of having empathy, putting ourselves in the place of other human beings. Excellent message from this Jamaican family. Thank you for sharing.

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