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RE: Drop A JAHM Earn Some JAHM & STEEM

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Irie the DONs liking this contest

May drop back for more 😎

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Good to know. I was thinking this could be a way to attract people to ReggaeSteem. ( from outside the chain)

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Right on bredda, how about this irie JAHM :) Maybe of all people -- you've heard it before??
Wouldn't say I'd be surprised...

Takeova takes it over and releases this new song right after the start of the new year. Issa vibe for 2020 to start off right and thinking in a good direction. It all starts with those in which you surround yourself with... a good vibe for me to think about as social life is a large player toward success.

This Stinez Ent. guy, I think I've heard of him making some noise somewhere around the BLOCK !?

Ya mon

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