Happy Caturday : Jamaican Edition

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There's a soft place in my heart for all cats, not just Elle. On our recent Jamaican Vacation I brought some quality cat food to feed the local felines. The cats down there look very hungry and will eat almost anything, unlike this picky Crypticat, who is spoiled rotten.


Above is a meme quality picture of Elle about to take a bath, her face says it all. Protip: clip your cat's claws before giving it a bath! We always bathe her after she spends time at the cat sitters house.

IMG_20200113_162223 (1).jpg

These two cats were found at Orinthia’s Restaurant and Bar, where we ate some of the best-fried chicken ever. The cats were after the chicken but luckily I came prepared. The one on the left was very pregnant. hopefully, they spay more cats in Negril.


Above was a resident cat of the Coco La Palm resort region. This poor fella was missing his tail, he also had very interesting markings on his face and looked unique.


This cat did quite well at the upscale Rockhouse Restaurant she had a great appetite and the guests were quite happy to share shrimp tails and other little bits of food. I loved the hotel and restaurant but when the waitress was rude to the cat and kicking it away, she lost a good chunk of her tip- Crypticat cares.


Here's one opportunistic beach Raggaemuffin of a cat, he definitely doesn't look too hungry. The signs on the restaurant patio said "please don't feed the cats" but everyone deserves to have a good time down in Jamaica including our furry friends.

We saw lots of other cats around but they were either skittish, too well fed or we didn't have the cat food with us. All in all, there is definitely a healthy population of cats in Negril.

Have an IRIE Caturday everyone!

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Give cat catnip before cat bath.

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Her reaction is difficult to predict when on the whacky weed

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You like cats, here at home we can not have them unless they do not eat other animals, because one of the animals that live for 20 years are the iguanas, are almost sacred to my grandparents.


They trust their lives to us, and we can't let them down.

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I used to have an iguana, when it was small our cats would have had a go at it, but after 2 years the cats were terrified of the thing.

Cats kill for pleasure so if you have small lizards, rodents and birds around the cat will have a lot of fun. Full-grown Parrots and Iguanas are fine as cats aren't stupid creatures.

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Around here, the cats have been able to kill some of them, I don't know much about cats, if they like the iguanas or not, I only know that they have done it, even they have preferred to approach me to protect them.

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South Florida is loaded of free iguanas. they are everywhere.
People think they are nuisance to the ecosystem.
From my prospective they are cool and quiet.
I see them almost everyday.

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Thank you for taking time to offer some treats to kitties in other parts of the world @crypticat! It's not an easy life, to be a street cat... makes me appreciate my cushy indoor life, that much more!


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The first pic is priceless :)))
How did she "take it", that y'all left her with the cat sitter?
My ex-girls older cat took it "personal" when we flew 2 weeks to thailand
and left her with the cat sitter :)
Man, i gotta introduce you to Serafina (not my ex girl:)
You just inspired me ;)

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She was fine being left at the cat sitters house but we did find her half-hidden under a towel when going to pick her up :D It's better to leave the cat with someone than having someone visit the cat once or twice. They do like having hoomans around.
On a side note, I looked at importing a cat to Jamaica with a Pet Passport. It takes about 3 months of planning as a few vaccines and a microchip are required. So there is a chance Crypticat can spend her JAHM.

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But they don't like to be taken out of their familiar environment , don't they ?

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She's a pretty good cat and going there a couple of times per year makes it somewhat familiar. But yes, the first few hours are a little scary.

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Hi @crypticat,
I think the cat that eats from the sand is the leader of all cats.

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It looked a little lop-sided missing that tail. We fed him a couple of times.

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I noticed that he has no tail, a fighting cat.

Raggaemuffin of a cat ......ha ha

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Nice! You got the Caturday JA edition. That is some serious love for cats. It’s probably their first time eating cat food.

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