ReggaeSteem Onboarding Initiative - Caribbean People WANTED $$$ (+Infographic)

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Hi people of Steem!

Recently we started our onboarding program, where Reggaesteem greatly rewards authentic Caribbean content creators. If you know or are someone with Caribbean roots, well we want you.

steem onboarding.jpg

1: How it works

If you refer someone and he/she creates some authentic Caribbean content, you both get rewarded with 5000 JAHM tokens, staked in your Reggaesteem account. + 75 STEEMPOWER for the new account. *

2: Only delegated JAHM & STEEM?

To start, yes you greedy mofo :D.

3: I have the urge to cheat your kindness, adviseable?

Yes. Same as I advise to jump from a 15 story building. (what the hell are you thinking).

4: Enjoy your JAHM

Now you earn FREE Jahm every single day. Check the post: JAHM POS to find out more!
+. Vote for other great people on Reggaesteem to get that juicy curation income too!

reggaesteem onboarding.jpg

*. Content creator must show some proof of authenticity and use the tag #JAHM or #reggaesteem


This awesomeness is an initiative from @conradsuperb.
Proudly sponsored by @conradsuperb, @crypticat (check upcoming post because this bad boy is going to Jamaica in a couple of hours) and @dmilliz
Brought to your attention by @whatsthatcryptom

For more information
Reggaesteem Twitter
Reggaesteem Discord
Reggaesteem Telegram

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Special post here.
Quite extraordinary
and original.
Need you to
post more often
to keep us all on
our p’s and q’s.

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Nice way to shill this offer. Remember non Caribbean residents are still welcomed on ReggaeSteem, I'm certified 0% Caribbean. You don't have to be from Jamaica to refer someone who is and if you want keep all the Jahm delegation for yourself, 10k, why share it when you're already introducing them to this Irie forum.

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Aye bredda solid updates and highlights for the community. Let’s bring on di masses

Thx for di shill in dis 1

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Bro, you sure that dude isn't you?

Your graphics are always on point.

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One day you'll find out

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