Pit bull in the Park Photography - Dogs in Jamaican culture [ APART ]

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Pit bulls aren’t that common in Japan, so when I saw this beauty I had to take a couple snaps.

Many people believe Pits are the most dangerous dogs on earth when in fact they are the biggest babies. Like any being on this planet, they are shaped by their environment.


The kid basically photo bombed the pic. He doesn’t know the Bull at all.

The name of this Pit is Elly, I saw her walking with her owner, a guy from Brazil. Yup, Brazilians probably own 99% of the Pits in Japan. He was more than happy to let me snap a few shots. He even asked for my Instagram so he could see and get the pics ( though I didn’t plan to post them their, didn’t have time to explain steem to him).

In Jamaica, Pitbulls are the most sort after dogs. For years I’ve had a couple of them at my parents home. My younger brother takes care of them and we even had a little business out of it selling pups. I remember in UNI I got a call from Elephant man.

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“Yo, ah Elle, you know me wah one dem Bull deh, but me a guh want a discount.”

Why do the well off always want discounts? 🤷🏾‍♂️ (Yeah, I gave him a Bull at a discount rate.) While I was at Uni in a lecture, Elephant man and his crew went by my house to pick out his puppy, my young bro took care of the transaction.

The importance of dogs in Jamaican culture

Dogs are an important part of most Jamaican households as they are guardians, looking out for any intruders. They ring the alarm with their barks and usually attack anything that comes within the zone they protect. ( Well my dogs do). They are also good companions, that many treat as part of the family. Cats are the same, but while dogs are their to protect physically, the cats severe a more spiritual role as many believe they chase away evil spirits...as well as mice and lizards.

What I love about Pitt bulls is the fact that they are feared, they have a monstrous look, they are extremely loyal and their lock jaw feature. Once people realize you have Pitts at your house, they stay away....the only bad part is sometimes your friends may stay away too LOL.

The term Dawg

Dawg is a term used in Jamaica to refer to a close bredrin that is loyal, and wont back down when sh%#t goes down. Just like the dog in the yard, they look out for and protect you at any sign of danger. If you trouble one, you trouble all. And that leads me into the song those pics remind me of. "After All by Alkaline". This just about sums up the point of the term Dawg.

Me have couple dawg me know woulda dead fi me
'Detta say love, 'detta say loyalty
Before you fuck with the family, just try 'memba me
(Me nah sell out, me cyan sell out)
Haffi protect the dawg dem, 'memba anuh nuff of we
The money, the fame, no mean nothing to me
If you a pree one a mi bredda dem, you haffi pree me

Note: This was a very contrivertial video when it came out. I think Alkaline actually started this cinematic gangster musci video trend in Dancehall. This video had the police talking.

Alkaline - After All- Official Music Video

"APART is a simple concept we came up with to use a pic (any pic) and relate it to a Reggae tune. Music is life and our experiences bring out memories & the melodies."

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Dogs for the win. Had a Doberman and my friends had shepherds. Lovely creatures - oh I had some mongrels too 😅Dogs are my dawg!

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 last year 

Mongrels are he best, never get sick to rahtid, the pedigree dem ever sick out. You nah by you house with the picket fence in Osaka and buy up some dog dwag? LOL

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😂 25-35 mil for a old house 🏡 in Osaka. Would love the dogs and garden space but the picket fences though 🧐

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I love animals, @dmilliz. Pit bulls are considered, in some societies, killer dogs. In Venezuela there are many cases of fatal accidents with these dogs. Too bad that many of the behaviors of these animals are promoted by their owners. my childhood would be far from what it was, if I had not had a pet. Greetings

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Yeah same in Jamaica, there have been some brutal cases.

Right now I am missing not having a pet around. Dogs especially, they are the best listeners LOL Stay blessed dear.

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Aaaww ain't he cute!

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such a beauty, she actually. love the big face on her lOL

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You have the coolest story on ReggaeSteem so far. Selling a Pitbull to Elephant man will be tough to beat. I have no issue with dogs and had a few, just won't let them into my house anymore because of the cat, especially Pits.

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HAHAH it was an interesting moment. Sitting around with friends and then getting a call from Elle with his liss tongue.

The way I see it dogs are for the outdoors, ...ahh but those Candadian winters would freeze a dog to death.

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 last year 

really are those beautiful pictures greetings ..

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 last year 

Thanks Mariluna, I am guessing you are a cat lover?

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We had a lovely family dog when I was growing up - special part of the family :)
That kid photo-bombing the picture hehe!

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 last year 

I was surprised his mom made him jump in the pic beside such a big dog. But most dogs are peaceful here lol

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